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Law Office of Mary E. Kramer, P.A
168 SE 1st St. Suite 802
Miami, FL 33131
Welcome to the Law Office of Mary E. Kramer, P.A

The Law Offices of Mary E. Kramer, P.A. offers personalized and confidential assistance to foreign-born clients facing immigration court proceedings, or seeking to adjust status or naturalize before Citizenship and Immigration Services. 

Ms Kramer also represents clients who are in detention, or need to re-new their resident cards. 

This practice focuses on the difficult cases: 
  • persons who have an unusual immigration history
  • persons who have been arrested or convicted of crime
  • complex political asylum cases
  • Visa waivers and inadmissibility issues at American Consulates abroad
She is also available to consult with and advise criminal defense counsel who represent a foreign-born defendant in criminal court in analyzing immigration law consequences, fashioning a plea, or anticipating cooperating witness benefits from the Department of Homeland Security.  Ms Kramer also litigates before the federal courts.

Ms. Kramer is a published author, lecturer, and a former adjunct professor of Immigration Law.

Ms Kramer is fluent in Spanish and is pleased to speak with you about your case “en Espanol”.

Whether you have a straightforward family-based case, a complicated removal matter, or seek advice because you are charged with crime, Mary Kramer will give you the personal, confidential, and informed advice you deserve. 

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