Personalized &
Confidential Assistance

Legal Support for Complex Immigration Cases

The Law Office of Mary Kramer offers personalized and confidential assistance to foreign-born clients facing immigration court proceedings or seeking to adjust status or naturalize before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS.

Ms. Kramer also represents clients in detention, non-citizens facing criminal prosecution, cooperating witnesses, and persons with complex asylum and  Convention Against Torture "CAT" claims.

Law Offices of Mary Kramer

We Are Ready to Take up Challenges

Our practice focuses on the difficult cases:

  • A person who has an unusual immigration history
  • A person who has been arrested or convicted of a crime
  • Complex political asylum cases
  • Visa waivers and inadmissibility issues at American Consulates abroad
  • Federal litigation: habeas corpus, naturalization appeals, mandamus
  • Visa applications, family-based petitions, and the I-601A waivers

Ms. Kramer is also available to consult with criminal defense counsel representing foreign-born defendants in criminal court in analyzing immigration law consequences, fashioning a plea, or anticipating witness benefits from the Department of Homeland Security. She also litigates before the federal courts.

Why Mary Kramer?

  • Mary is a published author, lecturer, and former adjunct professor of Immigration Law. She travels across the country to train immigration and criminal attorneys on the law.
  • Mary is personally involved in her cases and works closely with clients. She is fluent in Spanish.
  • Mary focuses on what she does best: complex criminal-immigration histories, political asylum, detention, and visa work. Whether you have a straightforward family-based case, a complicated removal matter, or seek advice because you are charged with a crime, Mary Kramer will give you the personal, confidential, and informed advice you deserve.
Law Offices of Mary Kramer

Our Professional Values 

             When we accept a new client, we do so with the intention of reaching a positive result. A client’s case is not a “job” or a “fee,” but rather, a professional commitment to a person or entire family. We believe the practice of law is an honorable and important profession that provides the opportunity to help others. We are committed to providing honest advice to the client in a confidential and caring environment.  And we fight for each client’s rights through strong research, excellent writing, and passionate oral advocacy.  

Mary Kramer

Attorney at Law