Mary E. Kramer in the Media

Speaking Engagements

Ms. Kramer speaks on various topics in immigration law.

Upcoming speaking engagements
  • April 2021
    ABA International law Section: Immigration and Nationality - Keynote Speaker, She will focus on "Foreign Convictions and their effect on US Immigration"
  • June 2021
    2021 AILA Virtual Annual Conference on Immigration Law
Recent speaking engagements
  • March 2021 / Live Webcast
    Zippy Days of Spring CLE Webinars - Critical Updates on USCIS and Consular Processing Plus EOIR & ICE Detention & Prosecution Update
  • February 2021 / Live Webcast
    2021 AILA South Florida Chapter – Annual conference
  • December 2020/ Live Webcast
    University of New Mexico Immigration CLE Series - Marijuana Offenses & Immigration
  • December 2020/ Live Webcast
    2020 AILA Crimes and Immigration Virtual Conference- Chair of the Planning Committee and Speaker
  • November 2020/ Live Webcast
    American Immigration Lawyers Association S. Fla. Chapter - AILA Luncheon
  • September 2020/ Live Webcast
    Catholic Legal Services - Lazy Days of Summer
  • June 2020/ Live Webcast
    Catholic Legal Services – June Lazy Days of Summer
  • April 2020/ Live Webcast
    Driving Under the Influence: Consequences and Solutions for 2020
  • January 2020/ Live Webcast
    American Immigration Lawyers Association Local Chapter: Midwest Regional Conference 2020
  • January 2020/ Curacao
    American Immigration Lawyers Association Local Chapter: 2020 AILA Midwinter Conference: keynote speaker/immigration law update


Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity, 8th ed.

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity: A Guide to Representing Foreign-Born Defendants by Mary E. Kramer is your one-volume resource for understanding how the courts and immigration agencies will treat non-American citizens convicted or even suspected of a crime. It provides a thoughtful analysis of all the ways criminal activity will impact applications for visas, permanent residence, naturalization, asylum, and other immigration benefits, as well as defenses to attempts to remove a non-American citizen and the waivers and other relief available in removal proceedings.

Regardless of whether your practice is focused on criminal or business or any other area of immigration law practice, Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity is your go-to resource when your client has been charged with a crime.

Click for more information about the book and how to order a copy.


Articles and Presentations

Attorneys Kramer and Vargas were two of three authors of an article The Immigration Monkey Wrench, Successful Presentation of Compassionate Release Actions in Light of COVID-19, Including for the Foreign-Born Client with an Immigration Detainer, published in The Champion Magazine, by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, August 2020 edition.  Available at

In fall 2017, Ms. Kramer co-authored a two-part blog post, with colleagues Michael Vastine and Sui Chung, reporting on the Supreme Court oral arguments held October 2 on Sessions v. Dimaya, an important case for immigration lawyers relating to the definition of “crime of violence,” and October 3 on Jennings v. Rodriguez, relating to prolonged detention.

Go to the Infonet at to read the blog and see the accompanying video for a clear discussion of some complex immigration issues: Think Immigration: Liberty and Due Process in the SCOTUS Lineup.

Search term: AILA Doc. No. 17100233

Ms. Kramer recently wrote an article for The Florida Defender, the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers newsletter, entitled:

"Analyzing Crime From an Immigration Law Perspective" (due in the March 2015 issue)

Mary Kramer is a bi-monthly contributor to VOICE, the American Immigration Lawyer's on-line newspaper. She writes a column on criminal-immigration issues. These are her recent articles:

  • February 2015 "Contesting Restitution and Loss Findings in Aggravated Felony Fraud Cases"
  • December 2014 “The Categorical, Realistic, Circumstance Concoction: What’s Next?”
  • October 2014 "Matter of Chairez: A Mixed Bag of Tricks"
  • July/August 2014 "Hoodlum or Hero? Representing the Cooperating Witness"
  • May 2014 "One Year Later: The Impact of Descamps"